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These Men are sound artist and violinist Ian Tothill and artist and musician Phil Moody.

The site specific  audiovisual work explores the nature of the environment and how it can be reimagined

They perform in a wide variety of spaces such as theatres, galleries, clubs, public parks and more

As artists in residence they use a wide range of visual art media to work with people

These Men performing live at Quiet Night, Kirkgate Centre, Shipley UK January 2020

'Really loved the performance'

Alex Corwin, Kala Sangam Arts

'Great performance last week from These Men at the gallery'

Roy Smith, King Street Arts, Lancaster

'Stunning visuals of the Yorkshire landscape, the music was mesmerising'

Helen Tresioduff, Artist

'These Men's From Stone Residency at South Square Centre became a site for experimentation, conversation, and co-creation. It was apparent through their time in-residence that they were skilled at opening up new ways of thinking and engaging creatively for visitors. We were excited by how they developed the space throughout the residency and created a living gallery which became an ongoing collaboration between themselves and the wider community.'

Harry Jelley freelance producer, South Square Centre

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