These Men are a duo based in West Yorkshire, UK who devise and improvise audio visual pieces for site specific performances in a range of settings

January 2020 update

These Men release their first album in digital format on January 21st. 'Think Horses' brings together the best of their audio recordings in an accessible format. The Quiet Night show on Friday 31st January will be an album launch

December 2019 update

The public piano tour on Black Friday was really interesting and made it into the local press

These Men aiming to promote minimal sound and vision artists locally through a series of "Quiet Nights" at Kirkgate Centre, Shipley early 2020

November 2019 update

Very excited to have a booking at internationally renowned arts centre Kala Sangam, Bradford May 28th 2020.

We are currently arranging other events for early 2020, watch this space. 

Confirmed is a mini tour of West Yorkshire's public pianos on Friday 29th November


October 2019 update

These Men working in the studio with the exciting development of the introduction of a 5 string violin which gives a whole new dimension to the sound. First releases using it are on Bandcamp